By paying a deposit you agree to the following terms and conditions.

1. Confirming the booking
I) ‘Confirmation’ will only be accepted by electronic or completion of hard copy or online booking form by the ‘client’.

II) All bookings take effect immediately upon receipt of confirmation.

III) Agreed deposit must be paid within 7 days of booking confirmation.

IIII) All deposit payments are non-refundable.

2. Changes to contract
The agreed booking fees may be subject to change (in agreement with both the ‘client’ and ‘S Klass Entertainment’) if any details on the contract are altered. All changes to the contract must be arranged & agreed by S Klass Entertainment in advance of the event.

3. Payment of fees
Deposit is due within 7 days of booking confirmation. Full balance is due 14 days prior to your event. All payments can be made via BACS. Cheques are not accepted.

4. Cancellations
In the event that the ‘client’ needs to cancel the booking, the ‘client’ agrees to inform S Klass Entertainment immediately. Any deposits paid will be forfeited. If cancellation is made within 30 days of the event 50% of the fee is due. If cancellation is within fourteen days of the event, FULL payment will still be due.

In the unlikely event that S Klass Entertainment is prevented from attending the event, or has to cancel the booking S Klass Entertainment agrees to inform the ‘client’ and make all reasonable attempts to find a suitable replacement, at no extra cost to the ‘client’. Should a suitable replacement not be found, S Klass Entertaiment agrees to refund the ‘client’ their deposit plus any other monies paid. This is the extent of our liability to the ‘client’.

5. Changes on the day
Where possible, changes to the contract schedule, which are unavoidable on the day of the event, should first be discussed & agreed with S Klass Entertainment. Should this not be possible, changes are to be agreed between the ‘client’ and the ‘DJ’ prior to performance. Any changes will be subject to these terms and conditions. Changes negotiated between the ‘client’ and the ‘DJ’ on the day of the event and any extra fees are agreed upon the ‘client’ must pay these extra fees direct to the ‘DJ’.

6. Expenses
If the ‘client’ has agreed to cover additional expenses incurred (such as taxi’s, food, hotel, flights, etc) S Klass Entertainment can provide receipts within 60 days after the event upon request.

7. Service
I) The ‘DJ’ agrees to provide a performance that is to the best of their ability, and meets the clients expectation within reason. The ‘DJ’ will adhere to the client’s wishes where possible and in line with the venues restrictions, be polite and courteous with the client, their guests and all venue staff and contractors.

II) The ‘DJ’ agrees to provide all equipment required to undertake this performance, unless the equipment has been contractually agreed to be provided by the ‘client’ or a third party.

III) The ‘DJ’ will not smoke in restricted areas or park their vehicles in restricted areas at the performance venue.

IIII) The ‘DJ’ will not display any conduct deemed anti-social, illegal, nor reflecting badly upon themselves, S Klass Entertainment, or the ‘client’.

V) A playlist of the ‘clients’ songs are more than welcomed. They should be sent via email at least a month before the event. It is important to highlight your must play track, as this will let the ‘DJ’ know to definitely play these songs. Please note not all songs work well on the day, which is why it is important to allow your ‘DJ’ to have control to change the music where necessary. When providing us with playlist we recommend to consider the music all your guests will enjoy.

VI) Any payments sent from ‘the client’ to S Klass Entertainment is for DJ Hire and not performance related. S Klass Entertainment will always supply an experienced DJ, but this is the limit of S Klass Entertainments responsibility of the DJ’s actual service.

8. ‘DJ’ equipment
I) It is agreed by the ‘client’ that the equipment of the ‘DJ’ are not available for use by other performers or persons, except by specific permission of the ‘DJ’.

II) The ‘DJ’ will provide own PAT Tested equipment and Public Liability Insurance cover.

IIII) The ‘DJ’ will provide adequate equipment and lighting according to brief and site visit provided by S Klass Entertainment.

9. Withdrawal Of Services
I) In case of verbal and/or physical violence towards the ’DJ’ or any person/person’s connected with S Klass Entertainment, the ‘client’ may be asked to have this/these person/ people removed from the venue. If an agreement regarding this cannot be resolved, then the ‘DJ’ has the right to end the night at this point.

II) In the case of damage being caused to any equipment (either belonging to contracted to, or leased to S Klass Entertainment or the ‘DJ’) by the ‘client’ or any person/person’s at the event, the ‘client’ will be fully liable. The ‘client’ will be invoiced within 7 days of the event for any repairs, or replacements required.

III) Suitable shelter must be provided by the ‘client’ during the event. If there is any risk of damage to any equipment provided. If not, the equipment may be withdrawn, with no refund available.

III) A suitable power supply must be provided by the ‘client’/ venue during the event. If there is any risk of damage to any equipment provided. If not, the equipment may be withdrawn, with no refund.

10. Force Majeure
In cases of ‘Force Majeure’ (which shall be known as war, fire, death, illness or other capacity certified by a properly qualified medical practitioner, epidemic, accident, civil commotion, national calamity, order of Government or Local Authority having jurisdiction in the matter, changes in law, foreign government policy, act of God), which are not attributable to any act or failure to take preventive action by the ‘DJ’ or ‘client’, then the ‘DJ’ or ‘client’ may cancel this booking without penalty other than loss/ or refund of deposit.


“Just a quick note to say thank you so much for everything on our wedding day, we had an amazing time and all of our guests are still raving about how great the music was!”

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“Thank you for your excellent DJ services again this weekend. Once again you got the music spot on for the crowd in attendance. From our original enquiry to the evening itself your service was seamless!”

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“I really don’t know what to say!! From the moment I made the phone call and spoke with Kevin in the first instance, I knew the music for my birthday party was in good hands.”

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